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Calgary Profesional Project Management Services

Forefront provides a number Professional Project Services ("Pro Services"), including Project Management, Project Design, and Project Accounting.

We provide these to construction firms, home builders, and home owners acting as their own general contractors on projects a bit beyond their personal scope or experience.

Project Management

Forefront acts as a project manager, and is responsible for accomplishing stated project objectives. Key project management responsibilities include creating& specifying clear and attainable project objectives, building the project requirements, and managing the three key project constraints: cost, time, and quality.

We manage projects on behalf of our client, using our knowledge of the client and the project to ensure client needs are met, and that the client is kept informed on all progress (and lack thereof, if that happens to be the case)

When acting as project manager, Forefront is generally given full responsibility authority required to complete a project. These often encompass the roles of project administrator, coordinator, facilitator and expeditor. Forefront has been successfully managing thousands of its own construction, and renovation projects since 1982, and its senior management have ## years experience as professional accountants.

Project Design

Forefront has over 30 years experience in designing home improvement, and construction projects. Proper design needs to consider a variety of client needs and constraints, to ensure timely and on-budget completion.

Project design includes not on the project drawings (which sometimes require the services of professional architects and engineers) but consideration of the materials and labour inputs, their sourcing, scheduling, and industry standards for shipping, storage, construction, testing, and the impacts of applicable regulations, building codes, and safety standards.

If design changes should be made for market forces (typically changes in materials or labor availability, or changes in their prices) and technological changes over the expected project duration, they are best made at this stage my a knowledgeable Project Designer, rather than making on-the-fly changes during project execution.

Good project design also includes setting up monitoring systems & data collection for checking project status, completion, and costs while underway. This reduces time and effort once the project has commenced, and ensures important project risks have been assessed and contingency plans can be prepared and acted on if needed.

Project Accountingt

Forefront provides proper Project Accounting (which is sometimes referred to as job cost accounting) to provide financial reports to help clients and project managers (see above) track the financial progress of projects.

What makes this special/different? Standard accounting typically monitoring financial progress over specified periods of time for organizational units (either the enterprise as a whole, or geographical or functional departments, divisions or units).

Projects can frequently cross organizational boundaries, and take last in duration from a few days to several years. Over that time, changing requirements, suppliers, technologies, and even market forces can force revisions of time & materials budgets which can impact the ability to assess performance against the original or updated plans and budgets. Also, many times a number of projects are aggregated into a larger overall project or program, to further complicate reporting & measurement.

Forefront can collect, aggregate and report accurately on costs in a project management environment, including both direct and overhead costs, as well as any revenues that may be allocated to projects.

Accounting provide the ability to account for costs by contract and contract line item (CLIN) to facilitate proper accounting for interim payments. Percentage-of-completion needs to be assessed by the project manager, so that funding advances and actual-to-budget cost variances can be calculated using the project's budget adjusted to percent-of-completion.