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The low cost and versatility of chainlink fencing make it one of the most popular fence styles.

Chainlink fencing for pets and gardens Benefits: Inexpensive and easy. This low maintenance fence looks good year after year. Shrubbery and climbing vines can help soften its appearance in a garden setting. No painting or finishing of any type is required.

Applications: Chainlink is generally installed to define property boundaries and provide security and protection. It is excellent for 'see-through' children's play areas or for confining pets. For security, a variety of heights are available from 3 ft, 3.5 ft, 4 ft to 14 ft. Different weights of metal frame and fabric can be selected depending on usage. Fencing can be laced through thick foliage and is particularly suited to rough and sloping ground.

Pets: If your dog is a digger, we can install your dog run on a cement pad. No maintenance and no lost dogs.If containing a pet, use galvanized mesh. Some pets will chew the vinyl coated mesh.

Here are the styles we offer:
  • Galvanized: Chosen by most, the zinc galvanized mesh and framework requires no maintenance and lasts a lifetime. Standard 11 gauge or heavy duty 9 gauge mesh available.

  • Vinyl coated: The utility of a galvanized frame is combined with a vinyl coated fabric. Forest green is the most popular, but brown, white and black are also available. Choose 13/11 gauge or heavy duty 11/9 gauge. Colored vinyls give you the ability to discretely hide your fence or boldly display it.
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